A Wanderful Guide: Get to Know This Cozy Builder-Explorer Game at Steam Next Fest.

A Wanderful Guide: Get to Know This Cozy Builder-Explorer Game at Steam Next Fest.

After some cozy development time, Wanderful is ready to share a new trailer, demo, and dev gameplay showcase in time for Steam Next Fest later this month.

Wanderful Demo Trailer:

Developers Tiny Roar and we as a publisher are proud to open up on their upcoming cozy gem Wanderful with a new trailer, demo, and developer gameplay showcase in time for Steam Next Fest beginning June 19th to the 26th, 2023. Developer Tiny Roar tells the tale of how the wacky, cozy, builder-explorer game came to be. Wanderful is headed to Early Access on PC in 2023.

There is still more to the story, as developers Tiny Roar share development details on how this calming explorer-builder with cozy vibes was brought to life. While being interviewed  by Twitch streamer CozyGamerKat, Wanderful’s creative lead Jonas and producer Maurice share insights on the vision and development of the game and reveal never-seen-before prototypes that served as a basis for the final version. 


Watch the Developer Interview and Gameplay Showcase here:

About Wanderful

A Wanderful playthrough is like a storybook that is written as you play. First, start off at a small encampment with your eager explorer ready to start their journey, forgotten in time - a lush forest here, a sparkling lake there - you wander into the unknown and start creating your world, piece by piece. Expand your journey and set a high-score by gathering ember flames for your lantern  while cleverly combining buildings and tiles. Your playthrough ends when you run out of ember. However, the end of a journey is just a new beginning for another loop, another seed, another unique tale.

It’s the perfect game to wind down with while traveling  at your own pace: play strategically, creatively, or race through the game to beat your own high scores. Thanks to the many biomes, tiles and wonders, no two sessions will be the same. The game may seem sweet and chock-full of pastel cheer, but there is a surprising range of emotions, from zany to melancholic, just waiting to be discovered.



  • Create an ever-sprawling world full of small adventures and big surprises
  • Laid-back, soothing moment to moment gameplay
  • Bite-sized gameplay sessions from five to 30 minutes long 
  • Pick your pace: play tactically or just build your ideal little world
  • Try to beat your adventure high score with each new run
  • Interactive soundtrack that reacts to the players’ actions and grows with the world created. 
  • Community driven development: The game will be fed constantly with small and big updates in direct communication with it’s players across the world.


Expect to see Wanderful Early Access launch sometime in 2023, with plans to launch on other platforms down the road. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams, make your Wishlists come true on Steam, or follow along on Twitter and Facebook


Download the presskit here.


Wanderful on Steam:

Wanderful is about uncovering “what lies beyond”, tile after tile. Explore a charming and beautiful world at your own pace in this cosy mix between exploration, building and strategy.

About Tiny Roar

Tiny Roar was founded in 2015 by two lifelong best friends, after gathering experience in different game studios. The goal: establish a studio where passionate and compassionate people get together to enjoy the best job in the world - making games. What started out with 3 people bootstrapping has formed to a studio of over 15 employees. With a little more than 10 games released in the last 7 years, they always try something new while learning from their screw-ups as best as possible. At Tiny Roar everyone’s opinion is celebrated and everyone is encouraged to shape the future of the company. That’s how Wanderful was born — pitched by Jonas, one of Tiny Roars artists, they will embark on a completely new adventure with a small team to create something that hopefully will make the players go: ROAR!

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