Duke it Out on Medieval Manuscript Pages when Inkulinati Launches February 22nd on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox!

Who’s Mightier? The Loyal Hound or the Gallant Rabbit? Lords, Ladies, and Peasants shall find the answer in this quirky turn-based strategy game that takes place on medieval manuscript pages


08.02.2024 Warsaw/Hamburg - Developer Yaza Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announce the release date for ye highly acclaimed medieval turn-based strategy game Inkulinati. On February 22nd chivalrous scribes on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One shall take up the quill and start drawing their armies. With the announcement comes a new trailer that shows how beautiful, silly, and sometimes short life can be on pages of medieval manuscripts.



The real test for your strategic skills

Summoning all strategic masterminds out there! Inkulinati might seem like a light-hearted and whimsical game on the surface, but underneath are strategically complex battles where finding the right strategy will lead you to victory. At its’ core, Inkulinati is a turn-based game inspired by real-life doodles on medieval manuscripts that we all have seen somewhere on the internet. Polish developer Yaza Games saw these marginalia pieces and decided to give us the power to bring them to life using a magical substance called the Living Ink.


There are more than 50 units with special abilities to discover, like bishop cats, sword-wielding rabbits, bard donkeys, or … whatever that thing on the right is …
There are more than 50 units with special abilities to discover, like bishop cats, sword-wielding rabbits, bard donkeys, or … whatever that thing on the right is …

But they are only as mighty as the hand that wields the Quill! Use your units wisely in the numerous diverse challenges you encounter during your path to becoming a Master of the Living Ink. These challenges may require you to beat all opponents on the battlefield, push the enemies' leader off the manuscript page, or even survive apocalyptic events like traveling Hell's Maws. You will encounter these challenges during Journey Mode, a single-player-focused experience of exciting puzzle-like missions and grand battles with small, handcrafted story events sprinkled in between.

Once you have mastered the Living Ink and seek new challenges, you can head over to Duel Mode where you can duke it out with your friends in couch co-op battles (it also works really well with Steam Remote Play!). Duel Mode lets you create battle scenarios tailored to your needs. Train for specific scenarios or just let off steam after a long day, the choice is yours.


700 Years in the Making

The development of Inkulinati began 700 years ago when bored monks started scribbling silly creatures from tales and everyday life on the margins of manuscript pages, an old form of art that went almost extinct with the invention of industrial book printing (damn you, Gutenberg!) Luckily, Yaza Games picked up where medieval folks left and brought this ancient art to the modern world! Behold! Below, the inspiration for the Donkey Bard. Despite having no fingers, he inspires and delights.

Inkulinati won the Best Indie Game and Most Original Game awards on Gamescom 2022 and started in Early Access and Xbox Game Preview program in 2023. With the helpful feedback of their devoted community, the developers have added a ton of content since then and are finally ready to release the full game on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as fully on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

If thee feel undaunted by the challenges that await thou on this journey, feel free to check out Inkulinati on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation, and Xbox. To not miss out on future news about Inkulinati and other games, we encourage you to check out Daedalic Entertainment’s press room and follow us on X (formerly Twitter).

About Yaza Games

Yaza Games is a small studio in Poland. Met by pure chance, we want to surprise you with our hand-crafted worlds that may contain a bit of absurd humor. One of us wants to do over-complicated strategies, while the rest never read tutorials. We’re working on our first game called Inkulinati - an ink-based strategy game straight from medieval manuscripts, where a rabbit’s bum can be deadlier than a dog's sword.

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About Daedalic Entertainment

About Daedalic Entertainment
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