Introducing Sprawling Settlements in New Cycle’s First Content Update: “Promising Prospects”

Introducing Sprawling Settlements in New Cycle’s First Content Update: “Promising Prospects”

After just 2 months in Early Access Core Engage deliver the first major content update.

Hamburg/Istanbul March 21st, 2024. The first big content update for the post-apocalyptic city-builder hit New Cycle is available today. Play the Promising Prospects-update now to explore deeper mechanics, new buildings, and a sandbox map three times the size, enabling the creation of never-before-seen steampunk cities! All accompanied by numerous significant improvements and all thanks to the great support of the community. Check the press kit here

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Following a successful debut, the post-apocalyptic survival city-builder New Cycle, developed by Turkish developer Core Engage and published by Daedalic Entertainment, is receiving its inaugural official major content update today. The Promising Prospects update will elevate the game on multiple fronts, introducing new content and features, enhancing existing systems, and refining the overall user experience. We are also happy to announce that two new languages have found their way into the game: Polish and Spanish! Welcome! Serdecznie witamy! ¡Bienvenidos!

For a full changelog, please visit the Community-Hub on Steam. [LINK TBD]

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With the Promising Prospects update, Core Engage expands the meadow sandbox map threefold! This added expanse offers more land to explore, new resources to harvest, and the opportunity to construct the steampunk mega-settlement of your dreams.


With the Promising Prospects update, New Cycle introduces both new challenges and opportunities to population management. The basic mechanics of 'aging' were added allowing for a more realistic life-cycle of the inhabitants. Upgrade your kitchen to rediscover long-forgotten delicacies, provide luxurious housing for your citizens, and upgrade dirt paths to paved streets. All these efforts will help maintain high spirits even in the toughest of times.

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  • Never lose sight of what's important - Responding to player feedback, developer Core Engage has transitioned from a fixed to a freely adjustable UI, allowing you to position HUD elements wherever you desire for maximum freedom and customization.
  • Stay informed of your surroundings - The Promising Prospects update introduces a minimap to New Cycle, enabling you to survey your surroundings at a glance.
  • Build faster than ever before - Buildings can now be duplicated, eliminating the need to navigate back to the building menu when placing the same structure multiple times.

Daedalic Entertainment invites players to join the "New Cycle" community during this early access phase, offering valuable feedback that will shape the game's future. Additionally, we encourage you to explore Daedalic Entertainment’s press room and follow us on X (formerly Twitter).

New Cycle will continue to have 20% discount over the following weekend until Monday 25th 2024. Let the dieselpunk revolution commence!


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About Daedalic Entertainment
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