Surviving Deponia: New Era, Same Trash

Daedalic Entertainment returns to planet Deponia with a trashy reveal trailer for their new story-driven survival game in the beloved franchise!

Seven years after launching Deponia Doomsday, we return to the beloved trash planet with their brand new story-driven survival game Surviving Deponia.

Reveal Trailer:

In an exciting new direction for the acclaimed point & click Deponia series, Surviving Deponia returns to a world beloved by gamers while introducing a fresh system of gameplay to a planet of new threats, challenges, friends, and foes.

In the seven years since the events of Goodbye Deponia & Deponia Doomsday, the once lovely little trash planet has turned into a Mad Max-ian nightmare! Elysium, the high-society citadel floating through Deponia’s skies, has crashed into the surface and brought with it not just a mysterious water shortage, but new threats that will bring about a New Deponia Order! If players aim to survive, they will have to master Deponia’s harsh landscape. Gather resources, meet new (and a few old) friends, face off against monsters, build yourself a home base, and, ultimately, find a way to escape this madness once and for all!

While “story-driven survival” is not a genre previously explored by the franchise, the trash landscapes of Deponia are ripe and brimming with opportunities to engage returning players in exciting new ways! All while staying true to the essence of the series. Likewise, fans of the survival-strategy genre will find the mesmerizing, whimsical world of Deponia a perfect place to build a home, have things go wrong, fix them, and attempt to survive in the process! A good time all around. 

Surviving Deponia will launch into Early Access for Windows PC gamers in 2023. Wishlist the game on Steam and join the Surviving Deponia community on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

Download the press kit here.

About Surviving Deponia:


  • Build a home base on your favourite trash planet - Gather resources and craft your own home on Deponia - it might be garbage - but it’s your garbage!
  • Survive the harsh world of Deponia - Deponia has changed since it was last visited - if the life-threatening living conditions don’t bring you to your knees, the monsters (both the creature and human kinds) will do the rest! 
  • Start fresh - Players new to Deponia games can enjoy Surviving Deponia without any pre-existing knowledge of the franchise. Surviving Deponia is the next step in this ever-expanding world and the perfect opportunity for newcomers to join in!
  • Feels like home, with more danger! - Existing Deponia fans will be able to delve deeper into the lore of the universe and the planet they love, if they stay alive!

Surviving Deponia on Steam:

Surviving Deponia
Explore, craft, build and fight your way through the harsh landscape of Deponia. Meet allies and make enemies while surviving the perils of the junk planet. It might be garbage - but it’s your garbage!

About Development Team

To continue and expand the world of Deponia a new Development Team was formed, consisting of well-known friends and partners of the studio. On the technical side of this team are the developers of Atomic Torch, who previously worked with Daedalic on releasing Cryofall. Atomic Torch created the RENKEI™ game engine on which Surviving Deponia is developed. The creative part of the Team consists of former Daedalic Writers as well as die-hard Fans of the Series, who over the years have shown so much dedication and passion, that they inevitably turned into Daedalic Employees themselves. The game will be developed under the lead of Daedalic's Community Strategist and Executive Producer for Surviving Deponia, Daniel "Penta" Fahrtmann

About Daedalic Entertainment

About Daedalic Entertainment
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